Open & Covered Dockage    

Monroe Harbour Marina - Sanford, Florida (407) 322-2910



























Floating Docks - Pumpout Boat

Wet Storage Rates


Minimum Monthly

Piers A/D/E


Piers B/F


Pier C


Pier B Covered


Pier C Covered



Liveaboard Fees
All Piers Per Month


Vessel Owners who remain aboard ten or more days will pay an extended occupancy surcharge for that particular month. 30' minimum boat length. All extended stays must have prior approval from MHM.


Power Use Fee Per Foot - Changes Monthly
  1E Basic: galley w/refrigeration but no hot water heater or AC
  2E Standard: AC/Heat use only while aboard, Non-Liveaboard.
  3E AC/Heat, continuous use & setting your thermostat for energy savings, Non-Liveaboard.
  4E Liveaboard.
Maximum Charged Length at 52'


Trailer Storage
Single Axle Per Month $37.50
Dual Axle Per Month $42.50
Tri Axle Per Month $47.50


Dry Storage



Marina Approach

Pier Selection

River Bridges


No Tide

Security Gates

Floating Docks

Wireless Internet

Restaurants On Site

Showers & Laundry

 Non-Ethanol Gas





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